Q: Is it less expensive to reupholster my furniture than to buy new?
A:   Not necessarily. If you will be happy with cheaply made furniture, you can certainly buy very inexpensive furniture. However, this furniture is made to be disposable and will likely only last a few years with normal use. But, if you have well-made furniture to begin with, it is usually a smarter choice to keep it and recover it. Another consideration is often the size and comfort of your existing furniture. It is very hard to determine comfort when sitting on a piece of furniture for a few minutes in the store. I have also been told by many of our customers that the new furniture in the stores is too large for the rooms in their homes.

Q:  Why is reupholstering so expensive?
A:  We are doing custom work and each piece we work on is unique. When manufacturers mass produce furniture, there can be 20-30 people working on a piece. They may each have one small task to do as it rolls past them on an assembly line. Most of these people have no upholstery experience and are just trained to do one thing - and not always with such good results. We may have 2-3 skilled craftspeople work on a typical piece. And many times one person will work on a piece from start to finish. Therefore, we are able to spend the time it takes to tend to the details of each piece. The factories also have large machines that cut 50+ layers of fabric for one style of sofa, chair, etc. at a time. So, you can see that we are comparing two completely different processes.

Q: Can you change the style of my piece or build something new?
A: Yes. We can make changes to your existing furniture, within reason. And if you want something completely different and made to your specs, we can build it.

Q:  How long will re-upholstery take?
A:  We usually have a back log of 6-10 weeks on fully upholstered pieces, but it varies at different times of the year. This being said, your furniture is only in our shop while we are working on it, which is usually 2-3 weeks. We can sometimes fit small orders in sooner. For example, dining room chair seats or cushion orders can usually be completed within a couple weeks if you bring them to us.

Q:   How do I place an order?
A:  First, you will want to call or e-mail with details of what you want done. It is very helpful to send or bring pictures in of the piece(s) you have. We will then be able to give you an estimate of our labor and how much fabric will be required. If it sounds agreeable, you will next want to decide on a fabric. We will then start an order and put it on our work list. We require 1/3 of the total invoice to be paid as a down payment before we order the fabric, unless you are going to provide it from elsewhere. As your order nears the top of our list, we will call you to make arrangements to get your furniture to our shop.

Q: What kind of fabric selection do you have?
A: We have hundreds of sample books and thousands of fabrics to choose from. We have samples from many of the top fabric distributors and can many times order from others even though we don’t have their books in our showroom. You can choose from upholstery fabrics such as chenilles, cotton prints, tapestries, micro-fibers, textures, outdoor fabrics, commercial-grade and much more. We also have an extensive selection of leather and vinyl. Although most upholstery showrooms charge the “suggested retail” prices, we offer discounts on most of the higher priced fabrics. 

Q: Is your labor charge higher when the customer provides the fabric?
A:  Yes. We offer a discounted rate on our labor when the fabric is purchased from us.

Q:  Are pick-up and delivery available?
A:  Yes. It is available at a reasonable rate or you have the option of bringing your piece(s) to our shop and picking it up when it’s finished. Some customers will opt to bring their furniture to us and have us deliver it back to them in our van when the new fabric is in place.

We accept payments in cash, check, PayPal, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express for your convenience.